Hit the Lights
Master of Puppets
The Shortest Straw
Seek and Destroy
Kirk's solo
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Ride the Lightning
The Memory Remains
All Nightmare Long
Sad but True
Rob's solo
The Call of Ktulu
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Kirk's solo
Fade to Black
Enter Sandman
Am I Evil? (w/ Diamond Head, Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax)
Creeping Death
> Let There Be Rock outro

DVD QUALITY: Filmed from the far left in pit area so there are quite a few obstructions at times. 
Great use of zooms and the video quality is outstanding.

AUTHOR:  Dave I. / Dreamweaver
Lineage: JVC Everio GZ-MGG155 HDD > 2DVD

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. Knebworth is said a lot.


BAND PERFORMANCE: Special guest from Diamond Head tonight on Am I Evil.
Otherwise, pretty standard set for this tour.