> Creeping Death jam
Die, Die My Darling 
Small Hours 
The Prince 
Sabbra Cadabra/A National Acrobat
Whiskey in the Jar 
Stone Cold Crazy 
Satan's Fall / Curse of the Pharaohs / A Corpse Without Soul 
 / Into the Coven / Evil 
Turn the Page 
Am I Evil? 
So What?
> Fixxxer jam
Killing Time 
The Wait 
Last Caress
Green Hell 
> Let There Be Rock jam

VIDEO QUALITY: Pretty decent quality on the video. The taper is on the upper balcony
on Kirk's side. So you get a mix of wide angle shots and close ups. The close ups
aren't bad. The audio is from the radio broadcast, which sounds great. There are
two DJs that are pretty lame, and talk at the beginning and during the
encore breaks, but that's it. 

SOURCE: Unknown Equipment
TRANSFER: 1st gen > 2DVD
AUTHOR: Damage Inc Classic

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Philly is said a few times.


BAND PERFORMANCE: Great performance, probably one of the best Garage Barage
shows in my opinion. Really good energy and tight performance on all of the
songs. Highly recommend this.