Master of Puppets 
Ride the Lightning 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Creeping Death 
No Remorse w/ Dyers Eve
Seek and Destroy 
Harvester of Sorrow 
Nothing Else Matters
Damage, Inc. 
Sad but True 
Enter Sandman 

AUDIO QUALITY: A very nice recording, but that's no surprise with the equipment
being used. Really nice bass to this recording, it has a heavy punch
to it that's really missing on a lot of minidisc recordings. Nice and
crisp instruments, vocals, just a nice recording all around. My only
complaint is the taper stood near the soundboard, so the crowd chatter
is a lot more than it could be if he had moved closer to the stacks. It's
not bad, but I prefer recordings that are in front of the stack to reduce
crowd chatter. Nothing Else Matters is a big annoying with some girl singing
along..or attempting to sing is more like it.

SOURCE: DPA4061s + MPS6030 battery box + Sony PCM-M1 DAT > FLAC > CDR
TIME: 123 minutes

DVD QUALITY: Crap - shaky from the pit, distored audio.  Best left for collectors.
Hard to even get a decent 

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James says "Sing it Italy" during Puppets. Also says Italy a bunch
more times.

FLAWS: The DVD is missing No Remorse on...

BAND PERFORMANCE: Performance is pretty good, still a little rough around the
edges. James stops Ride the Lighting, and starts it over. St. Anger almost
falls apart as well. Damage Inc has a couple of false starts. Good crowd interaction, 
the European crowds do so much better on the group sing-a-longs with the guitar. See 
Master of Puppets and Creeping Death on this show. James tried getting the US crowds to 
do it during the Summer Sanitarium tour, but I have yet to hear a show where the crowd
gets it. Oh well. They were still mixing up the setlists at this point, which
maybe why they are still rough around the edges.