Master of Puppets
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Cliff's Solo
Four Horsemen
Fade to Black 
Seek and Destroy 
Creeping Death 
Am I Evil? 
Damage, Inc. 

AUDIO QUALITY: Audio is pretty good, being an audience the music is pretty clear, but
the crowd is loud. Also I believe my copy comes from a bootleg record as you
can hear the pops and clicks from the record.

VIDEO QUALITY: Finally, one of the holy grails of Metallica collecting finally
surfaces. Apparently the guy that was holding this needed some money and sold his
copy on ebay.  One advantage of a down economy. There is a green line that hits the
top of the screen from time to time.  I guess they were unable to get rid of that in
the transfer from VHS.  

Transferred by: fromthenosebleeds
Authored by: infernall
Total time: 61 mins
Source: 2nd Gen > DVD


FLAWS: Much of the video from Creeping Death through the beginning of Damage Inc
is cut.  Audio only.;

BAND PERFORMANCE: What a treat it is to see footage of these guys playing in the
early days.  The headbanging is non stop, they just had a "we will
crush you" attitude.  Great stuff for sure.  Can't say enough about the early

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