Creeping Death
Ride the Lightning
Kirk's solo
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Seek and Destroy
The Unnamed Feeling
Sad but True
Harvester of Sorrow
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Puppets
St. Anger
Enter Sandman
Last Caress
Hit the Lights

QUALITY: Nice recording, but no surprise from this taper. He continually puts out
nice recordings. Nice balance of instruments, no distortion, barely any crowd noise.
A really nice recording that for some reason has not circulated much. As requested by the taper
I will only trade this recording in FLAC format. It is not to be shared on FTP servers,Sharing the
groove, or other free sharing sites, or converted to MP3. Please respect the taper's wishes.

SOURCE: Sony ECM 717 > Sharp MD-DR470H (mic-in, rec-level 8/30, LP2 stereo, Sony MDW80 mins)
TRANSFER: Line out sharp MD-DR470H > Line in soundcard Hercules game theater XP > Steinberg Wavelab v4.0 >
          (master-wave-file 1 track fade in/fade out, split) > FLAC frontend (encoding Level 6)
Mastering/EQ: Wavelab VST Q
        - Low  (+5.0db @ 50Hz)
        - Mid1 (+3.5db @ 200HZ width=2.0)
        - Mid2 (+4.0db @ 2000HZ width=2.75)
        - High (+1.0db @ 10000HZ)
        - Output 0.0db
        - Left Channel -1.0db
        - Right Channel 0.0db
        - Puncher (Density: soft, Effect: 70%, Input Gain 0.00db)
TAPER: Tomi B.
TIME: 130 minutes 

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Zurich is said many times.

FLAWS: None 

BAND PERFORMANCE: Another nice solid set put on by the band. Nice to see Ride make a rare appearance. 
Crowd is really into the show, which is always good of course. James introduces the Unnamed Feeling as
a song they don't play often and so there's a chance that it will sound good. Heh, I like this song live,
and it does get a good crowd response. Not much else to add, at the end Lars predicts they will be
back in the summer, which of course recently surfaced checked out 6-18-04