Master of Puppets
Wherever I May Roam
Harvester of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
The God That Failed
> ...And Justice for All Teaser
Ride the Lightning > No Remorse > The Four Horsemen 
 > Phantom Lord > Fight Fire With Fire
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Disposable Heroes
Seek and Destroy
Kirk's solo
 > Unforgiven teaser
Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death
Jason's bass interlude
Fade to Black
 > A National Acrobat jam
Sad but True
Enter Sandman
So What?

AUDIO QUALITY: To be reviewed later.

VIDEO QUALITY: Great footage. This seems to be the standard
angle for all Shit in the Sheds tour - straight back.  A
few obstructions here and there, but for the most part a spot
on video. There are a couple moments later in the show where
the video is dropped, and it's replaced with still photos. Nothing
too major, but there is also a multicam that is out there that probably
will fill in these gaps if you are interested.

Version: Sabkisscrue-DamageInc777 (1st source)
SOURCE: Master > 2DVD

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Kirk says Thanks Allentown at the end.

FLAWS: None.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Another hot night on the Shed's tour.  It's
no secret that this is one of my favorite tours.  Band is
in fine form tonight. Just had this on audio before, so 
it's great to finally get such a good copy on DVD.