Creeping Death
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ride the Lightning
The Unforgiven
...And Justice for All
The Memory Remains
The Four Horsemen
Jungle Essence
Fade to Black
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Am I Evil?
Seek and Destroy (cut)

VIDEO QUALITY: Die hards only..even then not sure.  Distant, taped from the
sea of people, you can barely make out the guys on stage.  Music is decent
enough but some distortion. Nothing Else Matters and One come from a different
source...even worse than the main source. 

SOURCE: Master > DVD
TIME: 105 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Lisbon is said a bunch of times.

FLAWS: Not a complete show. Missing Disposabile, Battery, Sad, Sadman.

BAND PERFORMANCE: First show on the Escape the Studio tour '07. Some cool surprises
on this tour with Justice, Orion, and a few songs mixed in here and there for good
measure.  Never get tired of hearing Orion live!