> Bad Seed jam
So What?
Creeping Death
Sad but True
Ain't My Bitch
Hero of the Day
King Nothing
Wasting My Hate
Jason's solo
 My Friend of Misery/ Welcome Home (Sanitarium) interlude
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Fade to Black
Seek and Destroy w/ The Cure / Fight Fire With Fire
> Fuel jam
Last Caress
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
> Stargazer > Kill the King
Am I Evil?

DVD QUALITY: Really nice video once the taper zooms in. He's way back, so the
zooms are super close in your face. Still a very nice unobstructed video
to watch.

SOURCE: Out of the Sewers
TRANSFER: 1st gen > 2DVD
TIME: 130 minutes

AUDIO QUALITY: Decent recording, though there are some screamers near the taper
that get annoying after awhile.  A lot of high end on this recording, with some
distortion on the bass drums.  Certainly listenable, but not something you'd
probably listen to more than once.

SOURCE: unknown mics > unknown recorder
TRANSFER: DAT > 1st gen cassette > Adobe Audigy Platnium > Goldwave > CDWAVE > WAV (transferred by me)
TIME: 130 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Buffalo is said a few times.

FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: Another nice show on the Load tour.  Thanks to Pestilence on
Metpage for helping identify the Rainbow jams.