Hit the Lights
The Four Horsemen
Jump in the Fire
Ride the Lightning
Phantom Lord
Call of Ktulu (cut)
No Remorse
Seek and Destroy
Cliff's solo
Kirk's solo
Metal Militia
> Metal Up Your Ass chant (cut)

AUDIO QUALITY: Really rough recording. Heavy on Cliff and drums - which is good in a way,
but you can barely hear the guitars. Vocals are low in the mix as well.  

SOURCE: unknown mics > unknown recorder
TRANSFER: unknown gen cassette > USB SoundBlaster HD  > Goldwave > CDWAVE > WAV (transferred by me)
TIME: 75 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Mount Vernon is said during the vocal intro, and lots of Happy New Year

FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: What a show - New Years Eve with Anthrax and Metallica.  What would you pay
now a days to see that in a small club?  $10 bucks back then.  Wow. Listen to Cliff rip
Phantom Lord on the bass, and Call of Ktulu he goes crazy as well.  They get Anthrax up
on stage to shout Metal Up Your Ass, but unfortunately it cuts right when they start doing
it.  Apparently there wasn't a lot of people in the crowd, but the ones who were there
were loud and enjoying it! According to the original flyer champagne and free munchies
were given...and it promised a lot of fun.  Yeah...pretty awesome actually.