Enter Sandman
Creeping Death
Harvester of Sorrow
> Third Stone From the Sun teaser
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad but True 
Wherever I May Roam 
Jason's Solo
 > My Friend of Misery > Star Spangled Banner
  > Orion jam
Through the Never
The Unforgiven
Eye of the Beholder / Blackened / The Frayed Ends of Sanity /
 ...And Justice for All / Blackened
> Born Under a Bad Sign > Moby Dick jams
Lars' solo > Symptom of the Universe > Motorbreath
> In the Hall of the Mountain King > Smoke on the Water jams
> Mistreated jam
Kirk's Solo
> Funeral March of a Marionette jam
Nothing Else Matters
For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Fade to Black
> La Grange jam
Master of Puppets
Seek and Destroy
Last Caress
Am I Evil?
Battery (cut up)
> Fight Fire With Fire > Jump in the Fire > Escape jams
Stone Cold Crazy (cut up)

AUDIO QUALITY: Is not great, but certainly listenable.  There is a fair amount
of crowd around the taper.  

VIDEO QUALITY: Low gen source supposedly.  It's a bit fuzzy,
as if the camera didn't have a very good focus.  Audio is pretty
over driven, especially when the crowd screams.  From Battery
on, it's really cut up as if the taper was trying to save tape
and only getting the parts he liked. 

SOURCE: low gen > 2DVD
TIME: 152 minutes

FLAWS: The video only has Battery and Stone cut up, they are complete
on the audio.  Though the audio has a cut in Jason's, Kirk's, and Seek for
tape flips.

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Phoenix is said many times.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Hot night - literally in Phoenix in June, of metal.
Pretty standard formula for tonight, wish the second night was in
circulation. Would be interesting to hear what they mixed it up with. Lars'
mentions the Mason Jar as a bar that they hung out at.  I saw quite a few
shows at the Mason Jar, and they had a promo picture signed by Metallica
circa '91-'92. So it's quite possible they did actually stop in for a drink.