No Remorse jam
So What?
Creeping Death
Sad but True
Ain't My Bitch
Fade to Black
King Nothing
Until It Sleeps
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
 > Bleeding Me intro teaser
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
 > Detroit Rock city jam
Last Caress
Master of Puppets

QUALITY: Live from the pit - it's Metallica! Uh yeah, lots of heads, arms, hands. 
Shakey as well. You do get some really nice shots, waist up closeups etc. Audio
is good, but there is a lot of movement as the taper tries to move around the
heads a lot of refocus. As the concert wears on the shots get better and better
as the crowd tires out. However, those first few songs are pretty rough.

SOURCE: Unknown camera
TIME: 100 minutes

FLAWS: none

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, I supplied the 1st gen tape to WVMonster to convert to DVD. I got
this from the taper shortly after the show. Lars says Metallica just headlined Lollapalloza
in Washington, see you indoors in Seattle.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Pretty loose show, I think by this time the shock of Metallica on
Lollapalloza had worn off. It's pretty apparent by the crowd reaction that most of
the fans came to see Metallica. A teaser of Bleeding Me from Reload which won't see the light of day 
for another year and a half. James does a nice impression of Gene Simmons and his patented
large stomp during the Detroit Rock City jam. Jason says that this was the best crowd on 
Lollapalloza thus far.