Creeping Death 
Harvester of Sorrow 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
Of Wolf and Man 
Wherever I May Roam 
The Thing That Should Not Be 
> Third Stone From the Sun teaser
The Unforgiven 
Disposable Heroes 
> Born Under a Bad Sign teaser
Jason's solo
 > My Friend of Misery > Star Spangled Banner teasers
> Orion > To Live Is to Die jams
Kirk's solo
> Call of Ktulu jam
Kirk's solo (cont)
The Four Horsemen 
For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Fade to Black 
Master of Puppets 
Seek and Destroy 
Nothing Else Matters *
Sad but True *
Last Caress *
One *
Enter Sandman *
So What? *

AUDIO QUALITY: Soundboard recording, what more do you need to say. There is virtually
NO crowd noise. I think this is the last true soundboard to be released. There has
been radio broadcasts, but I can't think of a soundboard that was released after this.
There was a story that was floating around about how this was released. Rumor goes
that someone offered Big Mick (the sound guy) some sexual favors. In return he
offered up the soundboard copy of this show. Probably not even close to being true, but it
sure makes it more interesting :-)

SOURCE: Destroyer 3CD liberated bootleg > EAC > WAV > SHN
TIME: 157 minutes

DVD QUALITY: Another great professional shot DVD.  Only on one DVD, and the
quality starts off a bit staticy, it cleans up nice.  Great to watch for sure.

SOURCE: Master > DVD
TIME: 120 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Jason and James say Basel a few times.

FLAWS: For a soundboard show, there are a number of flaws. On disc one there is
spots of static on Creeping Death and Harvester. There are tiny skips in Roam and
Thing.  Also the on the DVD, songs marked with * are missing.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Overall this is just a weird cd to listen to. With no crowd noise
it's like James is talking to you. Personally I like having crowd noise, a nicely balanced crowd
really adds to the live experience. Overall the performance is what you would expect.
I like this tour's setlist especially Disposable. The majority of this setlist has been 
played for the last 2 years, so they could do this in their sleep by '93. James' voice is
showing signs of having sung for the past two years. Especially towards the end of the show.
It cracks and breaks a lot, but can't really blame him. I can only imagine what 2 years of touring will 
do to the vocal chords. I think everyone probably already has this show, and if you don't what are
you waiting for?