That Was Just Your Life
The End of the Line (cut)
Ride the Lightning
The Memory Remains
Sad but True
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters (cut, but with slideshow)
Seek and Destroy (cut) 

DVD QUALITY: Digital camera used here, but it's definitely watchable.  You get some
really decent closeups. Surprisingly good for a digital camera. There is a bonus
that includes Ride and Seek - and that is also from a different digital camera,
but it is not nearly as good of quality.   

AUTHOR:  DefKennyT

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. Denver is said a few times. 

FLAWS: Missing quite a few songs - only known source at this point. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: Another limited performance as far as what is
captured, but the show starts off a bit rough for the first few
songs. James forgets lyrics, a few moments of being out of tune on someone's 
guitar, and Lars is off on timing.  I suppose those things happen from time
to time.