Master of Puppets
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Fade to Black
Seek and Destroy
Creeping Death
Am I Evil?
Damage, Inc.

AUDIO QUALLITY: Great upgrade, this surfaced in March of 2014.  Upfront, clear,
great recording to have from 1986.

SOURCE: Aiwa CM-30>Sony WM-D6C
TRANSFER: 1st Generation Analog (Maxell XL-II90)>TC-WE475>PC>AUDACITY>WAV (16bit)>TLH>FLAC (8)
TIME: 45 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. Although James doesn't say the city name, this was the Iowa Jam festival.
Several bands played, and Metallica had an early slot.  Right before Bells James talks about
it's being early, and at the end he says enjoy the rest of your day.

FLAWS: none.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Big festival in Iowa..of all places. Areosmith, Nugent, Dokken,
Metallica, and King Kobra were on the bill today. Not sure what slot Metallica
played, but it was earlier in the day based on comments made by James. Great set,
and as usual Metallica crushes.