Intro Creeping Death For Whom the Bell Tolls Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Harvester of Sorrow No Remorse The Four Horsemen Shortest Straw Jason's solo > To Live Is to Die jam Whiplash Fade to Black Seek and Destroy Blackened One Master of Puppets Kirk's solo > This Kid's jam Battery > The Frayed Ends of Sanity jam Last Caress Am I Evil? Helpless Breadfan Motorbreah QUALITY: A really great recording. The music is very up front, almost no crowd noise. Definitely recommend this one. This is a direct transfer from the master tapes, so it's as good as you can get. SOURCE #1: Aiwa CM-30A Mics > Sony WM-D6 Analog Walkman TRANSFER: Analog Master (2x TDK SA 90 chrom) > AIWA AD-WX909 Tapedeck > Soundblaster Live 5.1(line-in) > Wavelab 3.0 > 4x WAV > Lite-on LTR 12101B CDR-Burner > 2x CDR-MASTER (Philips CD-R 90 + Sony CD-R 80 Supremas) > Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-116 PC-DRIVE > EAC > WAV > MKW > SHN TIME: 127 minutes TAPER: Haki Reumont SOURCE #2: Sony Micro P62 > Sony WM-D3 TAPER: Stefan Göbel

DVD Only

Lars Interview Part 1 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)(cut) Lars Interview Part 2 For Whom the Bell Tolls (cut) Lars Interview Part 3 Harvester of Sorrow (cut) Lars Interview Part 4 Harvester of Sorrow (continued) Lars Interview Part 5 Harvester of Sorrow (continued) QUALITY: This is taken from the Germany TV show Hard N Heavy. The interview clips are overdubbed in German, so it's tough to pick up what Lars is saying in English. The concert footage is actually short clips...unfortunately, it looks like it would be a great show to watch. A mixture of straight back shots and close up shots from the cameras near the stage. SOURCE: Mid Gen > DVD CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Dortmund is said once or twice. FLAWS: None BAND PERFORMANCE: Another great performance. I really like the setlist from this short 1990 tour. I don't think Blackened really works in the spot that it is in, but that's certainly a minor complaint. The mix of Kill'em All songs, Shortest Straw, and the covers definitely makes this tour stand out.