Nothing Else Matters
In My Life (The Beatles)
Until It Sleeps
Turn the Page / Boulevard of Broken Dreams (with Joe Satriani and Billie Joe Armstrong)	

AUDIO QUALITY: Nice recording, very clean. A bit fo chatter here and there but not bad at all.

SOURCE: DPA 461s-battery box-sony pcm-m10
LINEAGE: Transfer m10-usb-audacity-cdwav editor-flac taping location lined up with left stack


FLAWS: None.  I do have the full show with all performers, but just posting the songs
James did. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: Just James doing a stripped down acoustic version for this benefit concert.
Very cool version of Turn the Page/Boulevard where James and Billie Joe trade off on verses
of each song. Interesting Beatles cover of In My Life - the lyrics definitely are appropriate
for a cancer benefit concert.