Creeping Death 
Harvester of Sorrow 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
Sad but True 
Wherever I May Roam 
Of Wolf and Man 
For Whom the Bell Tolls
> Third Stone From the Sun teaser 
The Unforgiven 
> Escape teaser
Shortest Straw 
Jason's solo 
> My Friend of Misery > Star Spangled Banner
 > Dazed and Confused > Killing Floor jams
Kirk's solo 
> Funeral March of the Marionette jam
Fade to Black 
Master of Puppets 
Seek and Destroy 
Nothing Else Matters 
Am I Evil? 
Last Caress 
Enter Sandman

AUDIO QUALITY: Crowd is pretty loud around the taper, he was in the pit
so the crowd scarring is pretty apparent.  It is still very listenable
as the music and vocals come across nicely for a  subpar sony mic

Taper: Steve "ballsdeep" Hagar
Recording Equipment: Sony Subpar Mic -> Sony WM-D3 
Lineage: Denon 790R -> Kenwood A-522 amplifier -> Kenwood GE-622 Equalizer -> 
DAT line out -> line in on Tascam DR-2D -> WAV -> Wav Pad Editor(track splitting) -> 
TLH (align,Encode,ffp) -> FLAC

DVD QUALITY: The filmer is way back, so you get a mix of big screen shot with stage
shot.  Fairly obstruction free which is nice.  The crowd around the taper is
a bit loud and annoying at times however.

AUTHOR: mdvidguy/metfan91
SOURCE: Master > 2DVD
TIME: 140 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, several references to it being a hometown show.


BAND PERFORMANCE: Unique performance since this is the only video that we have
where John Marshall is playing guitar.  Great performance, as are all the
performances in the bay area.