No Remorse

QUALITY: The vocals, drums, and bass are up front in the mix, but the guitars are somewhat harder to
pick up.  Otherwise it's a nice recording. As of 2003, it's the earliest known live recording
to surface.

SOURCE: Soundboard
TIME: Roughly 5 mins

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. I was told this story by the person who received this show on tape, and then
put it to bootleg cd. He received the tape from a friend of the bands back in '82. Apparently she had
asked for a demo of No Remorse, but at the time they did not have one. So as a favor to her they
recorded the song live, and gave it to her. Unfortunately, this was all that she was given, it is
uncertain if the entire show was taped. 

FLAWS: Not a complete show.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Not sure if the song wasn't quite finished at the time they played this, but
James starts singing too early, and there are some lyrics that are different. Definitely recommend
for the collector, too bad it's only one song though.