I Just Want to Celebrate 
Please Don't Judas Me 
Veteran of Psychic Wars 
Brothers in Arms 
 > ...And Justice for All Teaser
Disposable Heroes
All Within My Hands
The Unforgiven (end cut slideshow)
Nothing Else Matters (slideshow)

Version: Kowies/Krzych
Taper(s): Kowies
Taping equipment: Sony DCR-PC1
Generation: Master
Video format: PAL
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Total running time: 54 min

VIDEO QUALITY: Straight shot from an upper deck, so the view is unobstructed.
The only downside is the stage is kind of dark, and the zoom on the camera isn't
very good.  So the shot that I captured is really how most of it looks.  2 Audio
tracks are provided - audience and LiveMet dub.  

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, matches the second night's setlist.

FLAWS: Camera Battery issues so the end of Unforgiven and all of NEM are a slide show
audio only.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Another nice acoustic set for the second night of the Bridge Benefit.
They swap in Vetern of Psychic Wars, which is a cool song and fits the set better
than the Garbage song from last night. I think anyway. Disposable and All Within my
Hands are still the hightlights for me.  Great reworks.