Creeping Death 
Harvester of Sorrow 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
Sad But True 
Wherever I May Roam 
Of Wolf and Man 
For Whom the Bell Tolls
> Third Stone from the Sun jam 
The Unforgiven 
Shortest Straw 
Jason's solo 
> My Friend of Misery > Star Spangled Banner teasers
> Dazed and Confused > Killing Floor jams
Kirk's solo 
> Funeral March of a Marionette jam
Fade to Black 
Master of Puppets 
Seek and Destroy 
Nothing Else Matters 
Am I Evil? 
Last Caress 
One (cut)

QUALITY: Fairly decent quality recording, not quite as good as the 10/6/92 show from the same
taper. The recording is a little distant, and picks up a lot of the crowd chatter as they walk
by the taper. Got this from the taper, so it's a significant upgrade from what I had. I believe there is
a complete source floating around for this show, but not sure it's ever seen the light of day. This one is
worth a listen, as it is a unique show. 

SOURCE: Built in mic > Sony D3 
Taper: S.H. 
TIME: 140 Minutes 

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Jason says "Scanning the scene in Phoenix tonight"

FLAWS: The very end of One is cut, and Enter Sandman is missing.

BAND PERFORMANCE: This was the first show back from James' burn incident. Much to 
the relief of Metallica fans everywhere. So there is a little bit of rust as the guys try to work
with John Marshall on guitar. They get out of sync on Harvester's beginning and have to start over.
James is a lot more vocal since he doesn't have to play guitar and sing, so you hear him get the crowd
into a lot more than you normally would. Sounds like it was a pretty rowdy night, one crowd member describes
the pit to a friend during NEM. Pretty funny overall. Not a standout show, but one worth having as a good
moment in Metallica history due to James' return.