Kyuss bootlegs

Covering the 4 years that Kyuss was active

Need a show? Have a show I don't have? Mail Me. Back to the main page. Date Venue: City, State(Country) Quality Format
10/09/91 Club Lingerie: Hollywood, CA EX DVD 11/21/91 Raji's: Hollywood, CA EX DVD 12/01/91 Gaslight: Los Angeles, CA EX MP4(Youtube) 02/04/92 Peppermint Beach Club: Virgina Beach, CA VG FLAC 10/28/92 Civic Auditorium: Santa Cruz, CA EX- DVD 11/03/92 Wilson Theater: Fresno, CA EX- FLAC 12/18/92 The Boathouse: Norfolk, VA VG- FLAC 12/31/92 Sea Hag: Palm Springs, CA EX- MP4(Youtube) 01/20/93 The Warfield: San Francisco, CA G- MP4 03/31/93 Entertainment Centre: Sydney, Australia VG+ FLAC 04/04/93 National Tennis Center: Melbourne Australia VG DVD 05/18/93 Generator Party: Palm Springs, CA EX- DVD 01/26/94 The Slant 6 Club: Los Angeles, CA VG+ DVD 05/22/94 Dynamo Festival: Eindhoven, Netherlands VG+ FLAC 05/24/94 Marquee Theater: Hamburg, Germany VG FLAC 07/13/94 Gibson's: Tempe, AZ EX- MP4 07/18/94 The Edge: Palo Alto, CA VG- DVD 07/31/94 Nsect Club: Hampton, VA VG FLAC 08/05/94 Park Ave: Columbus, OH EX- FLAC 08/19/94 Tipitina's New Orleans, LA G- DVD 09/04/94 Superbang Festival: Duren, Germany EX DVD 09/14/94 Rohre: Stuttgart, Germany EX- DVD 09/16/94 Bloom: Milan, Italy EX- FLAC 10/13/94 Whiskey A Go Go: West Hollywood, CA EX+ FLAC 10/19/94 Rockafellas: Columbia, SC VG FLAC 10/20/94 Roxy: Atlanta, GA VG FLAC 10/30/94 The Opera House: Toronto, Ontario EX- FLAC 11/12/94 Slims: San Francisco, CA VG+/EX FLAC/DVD 11/16/94 Boston's: Tempe, AZ EX+ FLAC 02/03/95 Astoria II: London, England VG+ FLAC 02/07/95 Vooruit: Ghent, Belgium G FLAC 02/09/95 Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands G FLAC 02/10/95 Stollwerk: Cologne, Germany EX- DVD 02/14/95 Zeche Carl: Essen, Germany EX/EX FLAC/DVD 02/20/95 Segnali di Fumo: Milan, Italy EX DVD 02/20/95 Factory: Milan, Italy EX/EX FLAC/DVD 02/21/95 Ciricoio Begii Artisiti: Rome, Italy VG FLAC 07/10/95 Nautica Stage: Cleveland, OH VG FLAC 07/20/95 Lakewood Ampitheater: Atlanta, GA VG FLAC 07/24/95 West Palm Beach Auditorium: West Palm Beach, FL EX- MP4 (Youtube) 07/26/95 The Howlin' Wolf: New Orleans, LA G- FLAC 07/27/95 Urban Art Bar: Houston, TX VG MP4 07/28/95 The Backroom: Austin, TX VG FLAC 08/07/95 Bottom of the Hill: San Francisco, CA VG+ MP4 (Youtube) 08/19/95 Bizarre Festival: Koln, Germany EX+ MP4 08/22/95 Hechelei: Bielefeld, Germany EX+/EX FLAC/DVD 08/26/95 Pukkelpop Festival:Kiewitt Hasslet, Belgium VG+ FLAC 08/30/95 Jaahalli: Helsinki, Finland VG+ DVD 09/02/95 Valbyhallen: Copenhagen, Denmark VG+ FLAC 09/04/95 Stadhalle: Offenbach, Germany VG+ FLAC 09/09/95 Festa Dell Unita: Reggio Emilia, Italy VG+ FLAC