Sucker Train Blues 
Do It For The Kids 
Illegal i Song 
Fall To Pieces 
Big Machine 
Set Me Free 
Used To Love Her (*) 
Sex Type Thing 
It's So Easy 
Negative Creep (**)

Source: SPCMC2>SPSPSB1(95Hz)>NomadJB3>USB>DellHD>Audacity>CD Wave>FLAC
Recorded, transferred, and FLAC'd by Humbug 

(*) The song started with a 'Over The Hills & Far Away' (Led Zeppelin) intro by Slash
(**) Teaser intro of Queen's 'Tie Your Mother Down' by Slash 

Humbug notes:
Track 11 has a cut in the middle
Track 12 has 2 cuts with the end missing
Track 13 is complete
Track 14 is completely missing apart from ''Tie Your Mother Down' intro