Sucker Train Blues 
Do It for the Kids 
Illegal I 
It's So Easy 
Fall To Pieces 
Big Machine 
Set Me Free 
Used to Love Her 
Sex Type Thing
Mr. Brownstone 
Negative Creep 

Notes: Really enjoyed this show, it's good to see these guys get together and take this band
on the road. The crowd was really rowdy. One guy threw a beer on Scott, so Scott dragged him up
there during Slither. The guy was air drumming thinking he was great. At the end of the song 
Scott tells him off. Quite funny. The recording is somewhat distant as the PA system hangs from the
ceiling so it's not as up front as I typically like. The vocals are also low in the mix with the
mic cutting out from time to time. 

Source: CSB > Bass filter > PCM-M1(oade)@48Khz
Transfer: M1 > Core Sound 7-pin > Creative Labs Audigy Platinum > Adobe Audition > CDWave > WAV