Sucker Train Blues +++++++
Do it for the Kids
Superhuman +
Illegal i Song 
Fall to Pieces +
Big Machine 
Set Me Free 
Used To Love Her 
No More, No More +
Sex Type Thing 
It's So Easy 
Slither +

Source: Source: CSB > Bass filter > PCM-M1(oade)@48Khz
Transfer: M1 > Core Sound 7-pin > Creative Labs Audigy Platinum > Adobe Audition(EQ) > CDWave > WAV

Note: Well, first off I'm very disappointed in this recording. I wasn't very careful with
my equipment setup and my mics weren't plugged in all the way so I have tiny half second drops
in the left channel throughout this recording. So I've put a + next to a song each time it
happens. It happens mostly in the first song because I was moving around trying to find
a good spot to tape. Overall the sound isn't great on this recording. I'm not sure if that's
due to the mics not being plugged in all the way or the soundman and venue. Probably a bit
of both, either way I'm disappointed with how it turned out. 

Some genius thought it would be great to setup seats on the GA floor, so the first 4 or 5 rows people were
just sitting there and not rocking out. Scott makes many references to the lame people sitting in
the front. During Used to Love her, he tells everyone to come down to the front, which then turns it
into a true GA concert, and the band seems a lot happier.