Fistful of dollars/ intro jam       
Drunkship of lanterns             
The widow                                         
Take the veil cerpin taxt                   
Cygnus....vismund cygnus                 
Roulette dares (the haunt of)   
Cassandra Gemini                            

Taper:     Bliv (info @
Location:  Balcony across the stage, about 25 mtrs. away, just left of center.
Source:    Core Sound Binaurals (low cost version) + batterybox w/ bass roll-off --> line in on 
           Sony MZ-N10 mini disc recorder
transfer:  Sony MZ-N10 --> analog in on soundcard --> Soundforge 6.0 (volume boost, track splitting) --> 
           WAV --> Flac frontend version 1.7.1 --> Flac level 6