Auntie Bert
Lady Boo
Race with the Devil
Hang Up
Please Don't Touch
Table 43
Beware of the Dog
Mission's Message
Rule Maker
Demons in a Row
Beast in Me
Bag of Glue

Source: CSB > bass filter > Sony MZ-R55

Note: Hadn't heard these guys prior to taping, but these guys are great. Really
with an audio, you are only getting half of the performance. The two singers in
this band are pretty crazy, and entertaining to watch. The 14 year old who was
dragged on stage was Ron Heathman's (Supersuckers guitarist) daughter. All in all a 
great show, and will look for more Throwrag. Ron also plays guitar on Rule Maker.

The Mason Jar crowd loved them so much that they demanded an encore. Now when was
the last show you were at where the crowd demanded an encore from the opening band?
Check these guys out!