Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings for Marie
10000 Days

Location:  Section F5, Row P, Seat 14
Equipment:  CA STC-11>CA STC-9000 (+10db)>M1
Transfer:  Tascam DA20mkII>Waveterminal 2496>CEP>CD Wave>FLAC
Taper:  Travis Simpson

Taper notes: 

I took my sister to this show for a birthday present, which she enjoyed quite a bit.  I had borrowed this mic system from a friend
for a previous show just to try them out, and, since I hadn't given them back yet, decided to take them to this show (thanks dettam).
When we found our seats, we were on the outer part of a row right in front of the stage right stack.  I let my sis take the far seat 
and I took the one next to it.  We were directly beside a set of steps that lead to the floor so ushers and security were VERY heavy
there all night long.  This was a bit unnerving since I couldn't get these mics situated nicely on my collar and had to turn to the
old hat ploy.  The three people beside me decided to smoke some and almost got caught, which had security come by more often and keep
a hard eye on the row I was in.  My sister thought I was busted on more than one occasion, esp. when security talks to the people beside
me...about a camera (!?).

Anyway, that was the nights exploits.  The recording came out really nice for the equipment used - I am very pleased with it.  This was
my only time seeing Tool for the '06-'07 shows, which is not much of a bother as the show was somewhat boring to me, barring a few songs.
I still say Vicarious is a horrid closer - they should move it and Lateralus around and it would be a lot better.  Oh, I did track the
intros to the songs, which accounts for the number of tracks.

Well, here is my contribution for the new tour as you all have provided some nice stuff that I have downloaded.  Enjoy and let me know
what you think of the recording.