The Pot	
Forty-Six & 2	
Chocolate Chip Trip

Taper: Jop

Zoom H2n internal Mic in XY stereo mode @ 24bit/48kHz >>> SanDisk 4 GB SD Card >>> PC >>> Audacity for splicing and 5dB amplification >>> TLH WAV to FLAC (24bit/48kHz); Recorder in shirt pocket, taped just in front of the mixing desk a little to the right (Justin's side)

Second time seeing Tool this tour after Prague. This time general admission. Made it a little bit more difficult to see, but the sonic imprint/impression was 10 times better!! You REALLY feel those drums!

I moved a little at the beginning of The Pot cause folks in front of me had 'a really good time'. You still hear them (I moved in front of them) but less so. Also an incidental bump into my mic (in my shirt pocket), but only once or twice.

I was worried about acoustic shadowing by the people in front of me, but it wasn't that problematic. Recording sounds even (apart from change at the begining of The Pot), maybe a little muffled, maybe not. It's at least quite better than the mobile phone recording I made in Prague.

Setlist was exactly the same as all the other european non-festival dates. Since it was only my second time seeing them I didn't care that much. And the sonic experience this time was so much better! Although they were slightly tighter in Prague (I think).