The Pot
Schism (extended)
Forty Six & 2
-intermission- (cut)
Chocolate Chip trip
Vicarious (extended intro)
(-) Ions
Stinkfist (extended)

Taper: Distortion
Source: DPA4061 > MPS-6020 > Sony PCM-M10 @ 24/96
Transfer: M10 (USB) > Wavelab Elements 9.5 (patching, levels, slight EQ, fades) > CD Wave Editor > FLAC @ 24/96

Notes: Right channel had issues throughout most of the show. I decided to patch the left channel over for most of it, minus a few large chunks and some clean sections here and there. Disappointed it didn't go perfectly but at least I still managed to get the whole show.

Security was the worst I've ever had to deal with, had a guard immediately standing to my right the entire show so I couldn't check anything at all. With that said, it's the only source I've seen so far, so figured it's best to get it out and wait to see if anything better pops up. Enjoy!