46 & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Intension Intro/Right In Two
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days

Recording Info:
Sonic Studios[DSM-6S/L] > Sonic Studios[PA-6LC3(-85)] > Edirol R-9 (24/44.1)

Taping Location:
SEC 212, ROW A, SEAT 6 (ticket says 8, I sat in 6)
(front row of first section off the floor)

Transfer Info:
24/44.1 Wav > SoundForge 7 (volume raised 7db, convert to 16-bit) CD Wave (track split) > Traders Little Helper (1.1.1)[flac 8]
CMM-075 (Chris Milazzo Master)

Taper Notes: 
There is about 20 seconds missing from the intro to Schism.  I had forgotton I had a 1gb card in my recorder (which yields 1 hour of recording time
at 24-bits) instead of my 2gb card.  I realized this just as the first song started.  I had to find a break somewhere so I could change cards.
I chose that time to do it.  You don't really miss much, but there is something missing.

I was in a good spot - nobody in front of me and close to the stage right speaker stack.  You do hear the guy behind me a little bit as well as the guy
next to me 2 or three times (all brief).  Could have been (and has been!) much worse.

This is my 3rd recording of Tool in the last 12 months and I think it is the best sounding of the three.  Enjoy!