Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
46 & 2
Right in Two
Vicarious (missing)
Ænema (missing)

media type: FLAC
source: SP-CMC-1 (AT829) Cards > SP-SPSB6 @ 195Hz > Sony MZ-M100 HiMD (PCM) > Sony RCDW500C CD Recorder
> Master CDR(1) > CDR(2) > EAC > FLAC > Goldwave > Soundforge > CD wave > TLH > Flac
taper: Jason C. (Nameloc01)

Notes: Vicarious and Ænema are missing from this source.

Notes from taper: yeah, i hope someone got a complete tape also,and hopefully their not a
hoarder. i had seen flyers all over the place even in the parking garage next door warning
everyone not to bring anything in,camera phones,recorders,a list of stuff.i was checking out
the front entrance ealier and saw the walk-throughs,and also saw that they were also doing 
wands and pat downs.i usually dont get nervous at all, but like said earlier, i really didnt 
want to get caught coming in and miss the show completely,so thats when i decided to taker off
the dry battery dock.which normally isnt a problem, but my recorder,even though it showed a
full charge,must not have been. another problem was,that they didnt go on until like 8:40 ish
pm.,they were scheduled for 8:00.so i had my md in standby mode for the whole time in between
which i am sure helped kill the juice.that was the only show i really wanted to get done well,
and i totally "shit the bed'. the really shitty part is,at the end of "lateralus" i had a little
bit of power left but only like 20 minutes of blank recording space.so i thought well,i'll switch
mds here(at the break) and start again,so i did but when i went to start recording again,there
wasnt enough power to start up the recording process .whereas if i had left the first md in and
going i probably could have gotten almost all of the show(at worst lost the last few minutes due
to available space)