Hooker with a Penis
Forty Six & 2

Source: sp-cmc-2> sp-spsb-1(69KHz)> Olympus LS-11(48/24)@The rear of the right-front block, about 10m from stage.
Lineage: SD card> PC (48/24)> Remaster> 44.1/16 .wav> Track Split (CDWave)> FLAC (level 8)

* remaster note *

Applied EQ for reduce very low range sound and lift up high range.

* note *

Only one hour. It was really short for their first Japan show since 2007 tour but
the performance was really good and this time they could use broad width backscreen,
many lights and laser so it was really beautiful.

I was stood at the rear of right-front block (because I went to the venue just before
the Tool time). And when the show got started, appeared many guys who tackled to
the other audiences and the spot fell into confusion... I did know there're such violent
fans but did not expect to get involved. So there're so many screams on the first 2 songs.

The sound was not so excellent particularly first 10 minutes so there're some distorted

Jun'ya aka the_sphere