Litanie Contrae La Peur
Fear Inoculum
The Pot
Push it
The Grudge
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
Hooker With A Penis - Intermission

Taper: Sevoflurane
Equipment: Schoeps MK4s > babynbox > Sony PCM-A10 (24/48)
Location: 300s
Lineage: WAV > Audition (Normalize to -0.1db)

Taper Notes:
Did a small FL run of Tool shows and met up with GSP. Nice to see another fellow taper and travel together! 
We left after intermission, as I thought my attempt was terrible. From the seat I was in the sound was 
pretty bad. After arriving back to the hotel defeated. I hear to my surprise not a terrible tape and at 
that point I knew I should have just kept taping the show. Also, I should have taped from my original seat. 
Either way, it was a good day of checking out some breweries around town and talking shop with a friend!