(cut partially @ start)
Part Of Me
Jerk Off

There is a bit of mystery shrouding this recording. I recently realised that the Part of Me is from the 05-24 Glasgow SBD, 
as it seems to be glued to Sober. It's hard to say exactly where the rest of tracks are from. 
Below are the notes from C.U.

"This is sourced from a cassette w/o DAT lineage associated to it. It is broken up, 
roughly, half on Side A at the end of a different performance with the other half being at the beginning of Side B of the tape. 
However, there is definite differences in the audio quality. It is unclear if Side A + Side B are the same performance or 
from a different show all-together. The information simply states "Feb 2 - Luxor". With no other information to go on, 
it is what it is. If this was/is the same set then Tool seemed to be in a rushed & hurried tone. There are no interactions 
with the crowd which is kind of odd for this time-period of the live performances' of Tool. Also, looking at the time of 
the recording this must be incomplete by at least 1-2 songs."

Source: Soundboard
Transfer: Lineage: Soundboard > unknown > unknown gen CDR > EAC > FLAC