Santa Intro
Cold and Ugly
4 degrees
Prison Sex
Crawl Away

media type: FLAC
source: unknown audience > Cass(1) Maxell XLII90 > Sony TCWE305 > Sony Sound Forge > WAV > FLAC(8)
taper: unknown

notes: What you are downloading is from the only surviving copy of this uncirculated Tool show.  I had a friend in the early 90's who taped a few shows such as this one and 311 from the same Venue.  He let me copy his tapes back in 1995.  In the summer of 1996 he took his own life.  His parents destroyed all of his tapes included his masters.  That made this the only surviving recording of this show.  

Around 1998 I loaned it to a friend to transfer and burn to CD for me.  A month or so later my friend moved away without any warning.  My tape has been sitting in a storage unit in Los Angeles for the past 15 years.  Every once in awhile i would reach out to him about this tape and he always told me he still had it but he was living in Washington and the tape was still in the storage unit.  About a month ago he contacted me via Facebook and said he had my tape again and was going to send it to me.  A few days later i received the package.  I transferred it right away.  A small amount of work was required to get the recording ready.  I did not normalize or boost the levels in any way.  I basically just cleaned up a few small recording issues.  

I am putting it up here to honor my friend who took his life.  Although he left this world in what some would say a very selfish way he is still missed everyday.  I also want to thank my other friend for being able to track me down after all these years and return my tape to me.  Thank You Sir!!!!!!