Intro (band takes stage)
Fear Inocolum
The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Chocolate Chip Trip
Ovation (Adam brings his cute little son out)

Taper:       Ryan A 
Location:    Floor Section 3 (front of right stack) 
Source:      Danish Pro Audio 4061 mics > Danish Pro Audio MPS 6030 battery box > Sony PCM-M10 (line in, 24bit/48kHz wav)
Transfer:    Sony PCM-M10 > USB > wav @ 24bit/48kHz > Hard drive > Mastering  
Mastering:   DAW: Reaper v5.981 x64
                - JS Volume adjust +5db
                - Waves Z-Noise to tame venue reverb & ambient noise (learn noise sample, threshold -20.0db, Reduction 10.0, Attack 0.03, Release 0.40, Transients 0.2, Knee 25.0)
                - Waves LinEQ: hi pass filter @ 61-62Hz Q 1.25, -2.5db low shelf @ 281Hz Q 1.00, +0.5db bell @ 861Hz Q 1.20, +1.0db bell @ 2239Hz Q 0.80, -3.0db bell @ 9733Hz Q 3.50 to tame Danny's sibilant cymbals
		- Waves LinMB for multiband compression
                - Waves L3-LL Ultramaximizer peak limiter (Threshold -13.8db, Out ceiling -0.3db)
		- fades and track splits
                - Render to Flac data compression 5

Set (121:50)

Notes from Taper: 
- Please do not sell this recording, ever.
- There are a couple of brief volume adjustments in Fear Inoculum and Aenema. Otherwise it's smooth sailing. 

Night one of the homecoming L.A. shows:  
This was a powerful show. The performance was tight and intense. Probably the best Tool show I had seen since the Lateralus tour. Pneuma was the highlight. 
Tool's sound engineers + Staples Center PA were working well that night. Nicely balanced and crisp.
I lucked out with an aisle seat perched underneath the right stack in front of Justin. Loud with a clear line to the stacks.  
We were hit by waves and waves of sound for 2 hours. Loud brutal crunchy tightly wound ethereal waves of sound. By the middle of Invincible, the sound had pulverized me into a semi-trance. 
Stinkfist pulled me back out, then Abba's Dancing Queen sent us off for a surreal walk out into the warm L.A. night. 

A special performance and a really nice recording. Hope you enjoy!