Stinfist (end cut)
Jambi (beginning cut)
Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned
Wings for Marie (Pt. 1)
10,000 Days (Wings Pt. 2)

Taped from: Section FL1, Row Q

Source: CSB > Battery Box (roll-off enabled) > 
	  PCM-M1 (mic-in) > Maxell HS-4/90s

Transfer: Tascam DA-20 > Coaxial > Audiophile 2496 > 
	    Audacity > CD Wave > .wav > Flac Frontend (level 8) > .flac 

Recorded and transferred by: daskrabs

Notes from taper:

Overall, a decent recording. Incomplete source. What happened was some asshole
crashed into me and my recorder while it was in my pocket. The level knob got maxed
out, making the resulting section unlistenable. I couldn't adjust the levels back to 
normal until I did because security was right next to me during that time and I 
might've gotten busted. There was some crowd noise immediately surrounding me. 
These are the only major issues. Enjoy.