Fear Inoculum
The Pot
Pneuma (False Start)*
Schism (Extended)
Part of Me
Forty Six & 2
Intermission **
(Danny Plays With His Gong) ***
Chocolate Chip Trip
Stinkfist (Extended)

Source 1: ATu853s > AT8532s > R09 @ 24/48
Transfer: USB > WAV > CEP II > CD Wave > FLAC 8
Taper: Dassarri (

Source 2: DPA 4061's > Church Audio Ugly Box > Sony PCM-M10 (Preamp Mod) @ 24bit/96kHz
Transfer: MicroSD card > PC > Adobe Audition (Appends, Cuts, Fades, EQ, Normalized, Resampled, Bit Depth Conversion) > Flac Frontend (Level 8) > .FLAC > Tag & Rename (Tags)
Taper: TB
Location: 4th row floor, Adam's side

* Danny triggers the wrong sample in the intro.  It was an really loud crashing sound that got everyones attention.  
The band stopped.  Maynard asked if Danny was high.  Adam starts the song over.
** Some bits of the intermission were cut out to remove personal info captured from nearby conversations.
*** A giant gong was setup to the right of Danny's kit.  He opened from intermission by messing around on it for a couple minutes before going into CCTrip.