Viginti Tres Intro
No Quarter
The Grudge
46 & 2
Drum Solo

source: dpa4061s > MMA6000 > Sony PCM-M10 (@24/48)
transfer: M10 > USB > PC > Audacity (16/44.1) > CD Wave Editor > TLC > FLAC
taper: geordy
location: Section 331

notes: No eq, just raised the volume a little.  I believe this was the first time Tool has played in Tennessee outside of Bonaroo since 2002.  Bought 5 tickets together off TM when they went on sale, ended up with seats about 3 rows from the back of the venue.  Then 3 of my friends bailed on me because of the 8" of snow Nashville got the day prior.  Knoxville was spared with a mere inch of snow and the interstate was thankfully clear on the 3 hour drive to and from the show.  Downtown Nashville was pretty damn sloppy though, it was entertaining watching cars spin out and struggle in the parking lot.  Special thanks to Michael for riding to and from the show with me despite the many cries on Facebook to postpone the show because "people will die trying to make it to this show."  Venue seemed pretty full despite the abundance of cheap tickets available for the show.  

Same set as night 2 in San Diego and most shows since it seems, nothing in particular stood out, just another solid performance from the band.  Sound was surprisingly good given the location of our seats.  Got complete video of the show as well, will take me some time to remember how to do all this stuff or upload everything to someone else to work on it, but like everything else, I'll share when it's presentable.  

Quote of the night from Maynard: "Although snow can be beautiful at times it can also suck a big bag of salty dicks so be careful on your way home.  It's science, you can't argue with science.  Thank you very much for coming out."