RULES: ======== 1.) Keep in contact throughout the trade. Common sense here. 2.) I do not know every single click, pop, drop, or static in these recordings. I try to list the major defects. If you are looking for a clean recording, you may want to trade somewhere else. Remember these are bootlegs, you are getting it for free. 3.) If the setlist is not listed on my page, I have not taken the time to write it down when I listened to the show. I don't usually provide setlists. Listen to the show, that's why you are getting it right? 4.) I only accept DAO recordings - does this even need to be stated anymore? Please tell me if you have a recording that is TAO, I will make exceptions if I really want the show. 5.) No MP3s - does this need to be said? Does anyone still believe these are worth trading? 6.) VIDEO RULES: 1. I'm only interested in 1st-3rd gen videos. I have plenty of shitty generated beyond watchable videos. I don't need anymore. The only exception to this, is if you have something EXTREMELY rare. 2. Please be honest about your video quality. Don't lie and tell me you have a low gen video to just trade. 3. To prevent this, if you contact me, you send first. If you claim you have a 1st-3rd gen video, and it's really not, you'll get your video back end of trade. A low gen video should be crisp, nice color, no static, etc. 8.) I'm not too picky on media brand. If you send it to me and it has problems playing I expect a redo. I will do the same for you if there is a problem with the shows I send. FAQ: ==== Q.) You have *insert concert here*, and I NEED it. It changed my life, greatest night of my life etc. etc. etc. A.) If you are not a trader, chances are very slim I'll help you out. In reality I get 10 of these a week. I'd be spending all of my time helping out non-traders if that was the case, and I'd never add to my collection. Sorry this is just the way it is. Nothing iritates me more than a non-trader emailing me who expects to get a show from me just because they were there, and it changed their lives. I'll go through all of the effort to burn it for you, and you'll listen to it once. No thanks. Q.) Have you listened to all of these shows? A.) Yes, fortunately I have a job where I can listen to music, so I have listened to every single one of these shows listed. I try to make sure to the best of my ability that these shows are dated correctly. If you find a mistake, please let me know. I'm very anal about this, and want to keep an accurate list. Q.) How long have you been trading? A.) Probably started collecting Metallica in '92. I really only collected Metallica from '92-'96. Stopped from '96-'97, and then got the bug again. Heavy collecting of all bands from '97 on... Q.) Do you trade your masters? A.) Yes, I'm not a taper who hoards his shows or only trades with other tapers. I will sometimes only trade certain shows with tapers shortly after I tape it to maximize the number of trades for that show, but I will eventually open it to other traders. Please do not convert one of my shows to MP3 or sell it on ebay. That would make me very angry. Q.) Will you tape my favorite band? A.) Most likely, if I like them chances are I'm already planning on taping. However, if I don't know the band, and you want me to tape it let me know. If you are a taper, I will definitely do it. If you are a trader, covering the cost of the ticket will help greatly. If you are neither, chances are I won't unless you cover the ticket. Q.) Can I buy a show? A.) Absolutely not. I do not sell. In case I wasn't clear, I do not sell my shows. Most bands are pretty cool about taping as long as you don't sell shows. Selling shows pisses bands off. The more they are pissed off, the less likely they are to look the other way if you are taping. Q.) Have you ever been busted taping? A.) Yes. Fortunately, I got my equipment back and still got to watch the show. Can't really ask for a better outcome than that. I've heard of worse... Q.) Why do you not like MP3s? A.) Because the music is compressed, therefore reducing the quality. If you run a mp3 through a program called Goldwave, you can see the highs and lows have been clipped right off. Why would anyone want a recording like that? Do everyone a favor, stop trading MP3s!! It may still sound good as an MP3, but I'm not interested in it. I have unfortunately through the years acquired MP3s, I've tried to call those out. I may be missing some however. Always looking to upgrade on those. Q.) You need to spice up your web page! A.) Yeah, probably, but I majored in computer science not graphics design. I'm more interested in someone easily looking for a show on my list. That's why they come to my page, too look for a show, not to look at pretty colors and pictures. RATINGS: ========= EX - High quality, no hiss, highs and lows sound great VG - Mid quality, some hiss, not an equal balance between instruments G - Low quality, a lot of hiss, some distortion, but still listenable B - Very bad quality, die-hards only, lots of distortion A/V - means I have the show on audio and video NOTES: ====== CD1 - means I have a 1st gen analog from CD-R or CD master MD1 - means I have a 1st gen analog from MiniDisc master MD2 - means I have a 2nd gen analog from MiniDisc master dat1 - means I have a 1st gen analog from DAT master dat2 - means I have a 2nd gen analog from DAT master ana1 - means I have a 1st gen analog from analog master ana2 - means I have a 2nd gen analog from analog master