The Whisper
En Force
Neue Regel
NM 156
Screaming in Digital
Desert Dance
Queen of the Reich / Nightrider
Walk in the Shadows
Needle Lies
I'm American 
Surgical Strike
Take Hold of the Flame

Source: Sanken COS 11s-pt RM > bass filter> Sony PCM-M1 (oade)
Transfer: M1 > Core Sound 7-pin > Creative Labs Platinum Audigy 
> Adobe Audition (44Khz/EQ) > CDWAVE > WAV > FLAC 

Note: Couple technical notes, I missed the very beginning of the
first song. I wasn't quite ready when they walked out and started
playing. Also, there is a significant level adjustment right before
NM 156. I dropped it down too much, and I didn't realize it until
the music started again.