12/19/98 @ Brielpoort - Supporting Monster Magnet:
Backstage Interview w/Josh Interview only

5/22/00 @ The Casbah: "T.V Eye Volume 1" Broadcast &
Interview - w/Eleven

Glasgow, SCTCDR UNK AUD Mic/Rec>MD?>CDR 67
6/22/00 @ The Cathouse

1/26/01 @ Homebush Parklands - "The Big Day Out
Festival" Broadcast & InterviewINC - 3 songs only.

Werchter, BELCDR
6/29/01 @ "The Rock Werchter Festival" - MTV Europe

A+106/28/02 @ "The Glastonbury Festival": BBC FM
Radio Broadcast - Euro Leg of Pre "SFTD" CD Release
Tourw/ML & DG.

A+12N6/29/02 @ "The Rock Werchter Festival": MTV
Europe Broadcast - Euro Leg of Pre "SFTD" CD Release
Tourw/ML & DG.

Full info:

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - '1998 - '02 live &
interviews etc.

tr. 1: live at VK / Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium,
December 19, 1998 -- 10:23
- this is a weird 11-min. edit of concert & backstage
footage, shot by someone who hung around the artists'
area. The first part is made up of the concert
footage, and has some nice shots from Alfredo, 
and an excerpt of stripping Nick. Interestingly, the
show also also included the G.G. Allin cover, 'Don't
Talk To Me'. The second part of the footage is
backstage footage, highlight of which is Nick
again, who indulges in an act of fire breathing/
Exactly why the footage has been cut up like this, is
unknown to me, but apparently no complete recording is

tr. 2: interview & 'Avon' live at The Casbah, San
Diego, CA, May 22/00 (from 'TV Eye Vol. 1') -- 04:04
- interview with Nick and Josh (topic: 'Influences &
Songwriting'): great to hear Nick testifying to the
greatness that is Roky Erickson in the interview
footage. Following is a cool version of 'Avon' shot at
the small Casbah. Featuring Dave Catching. This
footage was included on the (officially released) 'TV
Eye' video, which was a sort of 'stoner' & Man's Ruin
showcase, with live & interview stuff by Nebula,
Goatsnake, High On Fire, Drunk Horse etc.

tr. 3 - 7: Big Day Out 2001, Homebush Parklands,
Sydney, Australia, Jan 26/01 (3 tr. & int.) -- 19:19
- broadcast live on Channel V, Australian tv, this is
some cool footage from the Australian tour. It's nice
to hear PJ Harvey performing in the background during
the interview, and Nick testifying to the
greatness...bla, bla!

tr. 8 & 10: Nick interview excerpts, Roskilde
Festival, Roskilde, Denmark, July 1/01 - MTV tv --
00:02 / 00:04 - taken from a MTV 'Festival Weekend'
special, this very short interview footage filmed
during the Roskilde Festival was re-broadcast

tr. 9: Rock Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium, June
29/01 (excerpts 2 tr. & int.) -- 03:35
- taken from a Belgium tv special covering the
festival, this recording starts off with a faded-in
interview by the previous band, Feeder, which they
mixed with the Queens Of The Stone Age recording. 
The fade-out has The Deftones, obviously....

tr. 11: Masters Of Reality ft. QotSA - 'Deep In The
Hole' live at Astoria, London, UK, Dec 2/02 (1-tr.
mono rec. > mp3 > CD) -- 04:18 - an mp3 

tr. 12: QotSA - 'I'm Gonna Leave You' live at Mean
Fiddler, London, UK, June 25/02 (1-tr. mono rec. > mp3
> CD) -- 02:55

tr. 13 - 14: 'No One Knows' * 'Lost Art' live at
Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, nr. Shepton
Mallet, UK, June 28, 2002 - BBC 2, UK tv, broadcast
June 30, 2002 -- 08:21 two tracks were broadcast
recently from the Queens' Glastonbury set. Thank God! 

tr. 15: 'Lost Art' live at Rock Werchter Festival,
Werchter, Belgium, June 29, 2002 - MTV 'Live Music
Weekend Special', broadcast July 13, 2002 -- 03:47
- by now, you've heard this track already three times
in a row. Thumbs up for Josh, and his love for MTV,
for adding a spontaneous lyrical 
improvisation "Whatever you do..... just FUKK!' The
tv interview footage of Nelly Furtado, and the singer
of Bush, was interesting, as they had more from the
Queens' show playing in b&w on a screen in the
background. MTV sukks....

tr. 16: Josh interview, KinK FM, Dutch radio, ca.
early 2000 (mp3 > CD)
-- 15:14 - this mp3 i already downloaded somewhere
around last year, from some kind of site who offered
all kinds of artists. All interviews were done by
Dutch alternative station KinK FM, and it's likely
that this is complete and uncut interview material,
which may or may not have been used eventually for
broadcast (not in this entire length of 15', i

tr. 17: Earthlings? - 'Johnny B.Goode' / 'Puppet Song'
live at Mean Fiddler, London, UK, June 25/02 (1-tr.
mono rec. mp3 > CD) -- 06:18