Demos/Rough Mix
In June/July 2002 the Songs for the Deaf demos showed up. These songs may come from the recording session the band did with Eric Valentine in
October/November 2001. They are:

You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire (rougher version)
No One Knows (flute and an orchestra in the chorus, no guitar solo, something is whispered at the end (a la Desert Sessions Monsters in the
Parasol), and a piano chord ends the song)
Do It Again (with alternate lyrics and a different drum part)
Go with the Flow (slightly rougher version with a shaker added to the end)
God is Radio (first guitar solo has no reverb; ends with the drum fade out (no reverb) instead of spooky effects)
First It Giveth (slightly rougher version with a slower tempo; Josh says "cool" instead of "cruel")
Another Love Song (no differences)
Hangin Tree (no differences)
Song for the Deaf (instrumental, except for some background screams)
Mosquito Song (Josh's vocals are softer, the guitar solo is slightly different, and the guitar tracks aren't played by Alain Johannes)