Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Quick and to the Pointless
Monsters in the Parasol
If Only
No One Knows
Gonna Leave You
Hangin' Tree
Auto Pilot
Song for the Dead
Better Living Through Chemistry
Ode to Clarissa
Go with the Flow
Song for the Deaf
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Do It Again
Regular John

80m AUD MD A Sony ECM-DS70P>Sony MZ-N707
I stood against the railing in front of the soundbooth.
Transfer: Sony JA333ES MD Deck -> Digital Optical Cable -> Creative Audigy Soundcard -> Cool Edit Pro -> 
Normalize -> WAV -> SHN -> CDR
Taper: johnis@paradeofflesh.com : http://paradeofflesh.com/avclub.htm
Notes: This was my very first time to tape Queens,remastered July 2003. 
Volume adjustments in first few min, otherwise okay recording overall.
This was a rescheduled show from 08/31/02, that's why J.Homme apologizes to crowd.
He also makes some comments about Dave Grohl.