Regular John
Do it Again
3's & 7's
You Would Know
Tangled Up in Plaid
You Can't Quit Me Baby
Misfit Love
Into yhe Hollow
Suture Up Your Future
Turning on the Screw
Little Sister
Battery Acid
Make it Wit Chu
Burn the Witch
The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died
Sick, Sick, Sick
Go With the Flow
Song for the Dead

Sony ECM909>Sony MZR50>BSR EQ3000>BBE 1002>CDR>WAV>FLAC

tapers notes:
A Doodee Music Master Recording

A blistering QOTSA set on their first trip to Asheville. Based on a lot of fan feedback this was one of the best 
shows of the tour. The band was sharp and the the set contained eight songs from "Era Vulgaris" that came across 
great live. Some choice older gems are mixed in here as well. We also got a great version of "The Fun Machine...". 
Josh mentioned spending the day walking around Asheville and how much he liked the town. I was behind and above 
the masses at this sold out show so there is very little crowd noise. My thanks go out to the band for embracing 
recording and to Hutch for his hospitality around the board.

Surreal moment of the night - I had my gear set up beside the board. Just before QOTSA were about to go on a gent 
accompanied by a tall redhead was ushered in the opposite side and set up behind the soundboard. Both were pretty 
nattily dressed. The dude had a boiler type hat on and he looked really familiar but I couldn't place him. After a 
minutes I finally realized - it's Jack White! What the hell is he doin' here? He and his wife stayed behind the 
board all night. At one point Jack had on some headphones and was helping Hutch operate the board. He seemed to 
be having a lot of fun. They stayed for all the main set and were whisked out just before the encore. Weird.