Do It Again
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Sick Sick Sick
3's & 7's
Better Living Through Chemistry
Era Vulgaris
I Never Came
Burn the Witch
Misfit Love
Little Sister
Battery Acid
Make It Wit Chu
The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died
Go With The Flow
Song for the Dead

SOURCE:		Edirol R-09 w/Internal Omni's (8' FOB)>HD>WAV>Adobe Audition dEQ/Amplify +7db>CD Wav dED>TLH>FLAC>CDR	
NOTES:		Sweet free show & w/"Era Vulgaris" & "The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died". Attended 3 or so Molson sponsored events to win these tix (and consequently drank FAR TOO much Molson beer to get these).
TAPER: 		silverjetz