DJs Comments with No One Knows (First part)
No One Knows (39 s)
In My Head (last 7 s)
DJ Comment
Smooth Sailing *
DJs Comments with Go With The Flow (First part)
Go With The Flow (1 min 8 s)
DJs Comments with Go With The Flow (Third part)
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer *
The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret *

Only the last 2 songs (Tracks 09 & 10) are complete and without any DJs comments. Track 05 (Smooth Sailing) is also complete but with 5 s of DJs comment into the first part of the track.

AUDIO: Recording Gear: Pioneer Synthesizer Tuner F-Z93L --> Pioneer Amplifier XD-Z53T --> Roland Edirol R09HR v.1.04 (16bit/44kHz) input level at 41 --> PC with USB cable
Post production: volume and balance adjusted, tracks created and tagged with SoundForgePro.
Tracks in wav --> Flac 8, Align on sector boundaries using fix and .ffp with Trader's Little Helper

TS FILE: Canvas HD broadcast > Humax HD PVR > .ts > VideoReDo > .ts 

Notes songs marked with * are on the video