Regular John
If Only
Feel Good Hit of the Sommer
3's & 7's
Do It Again
Go with the Flow
Misfit Love
Into the Hollow
River in the Road
Little Sister
Battery Acid
Leg of Lamb
Turning on the Screw
Better Living Through Chemistry
A Song for the Deaf
Sick Sick Sick
Burn the Witch
A Song for the Dead
No One Knows

source: MBHO MBP 603A / KA200N > Sound Devices MP-2 > Edirol R-09
location: inside soundboard cage, 2m stand, slightly right of center
mic config: DIN (20cm, 90)
record format: 24bit/48.0kHz 
conversion: SD card reader > USB 2.0 > PC
final format: 24bit/48.0kHz
editing: WaveLab v5.00 (fades only)
tracking: CDWave v1.93