Monsters in the Parasol
Burn the Witch
Misfit Love
In My Head
Do It Again
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Sick Sick Sick
Go with the Flow
Into the Hollow
Make it wit Chu
Little Sister
Battery Acid
3's and 7's
No One Knows
Song for the Dead

Source: DPA 4061ís > CSBox > Sony PCM-M1

Lineage: DAT Master 16/48 > FLAC

Transfer (BLG): DA-20 > coax > Marantz PMD-670 > usb reader > Adobe Audition (edits) > iZotope Ozone 5 (EQ,Exciter,Imaging,Dynamics) > WavePad (tracking) > xACT (tags) > FLAC

Taper: Ed Davis