Someones In the Wolf
Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
If Only
Go with the Flow
You Can't Quit Me Baby
Little Sister
Leg Of Lamb
Broken Box
In my Head
Monsters In The Parasol
The Blood Is Love
Burn the Witch
Tangled Up In Plaid
A Song For The Deaf
I Think I Lost My Headache
A Song For The Dead
Long Slow Goodbye
I Never Came
No One Knows

Type                    : DVD PAL (Pro-Shot)
Generation              : Cable(TV) -> VHS(M) -> HAUPPAUGE DVR250 -> DVD Architect 2.0 -> DVD(1)
Video                   : 720x576 25fps MPEG-2 4:3 letterboxed
Audio                   : AC3 
Duration                : 01:42:06  

Note: the broadcast itself wasn't free of errors. At some point there is a horizontal 
line visible, causing some mirror effects.